VAB chooses the ÅSKA as the best speed pedelec of 2023

VAB chooses the ÅSKA as the best speed pedelec of 2023

VAB chooses the ÅSKA as the best speed pedelec of 2023

VAB chooses the ÅSKA as the best speed pedelec of 2023

The bold decision to resolutely opt for Belgian and European production now also translates into recognition as ‘best in class

On March 30th, VAB announced the winners of the Bike of the Year Awards. The jury of e-bike professionals and end-users chose the ÅSKA Supercommuter as the winner from a range in which all speed pedelec top brands were represented. VAB’s conclusion: “The striking looks, balance and rigidity of the frame combined with the powerful motor make for a very dynamic ride, while the excellent suspension keeps the ride safe and comfortable”.

The best speed pedelec

For the 9th edition of the VAB ‘Bike of the Year’ election, electric bikes were tested around the Sven Nys Centre in Baal. To make a good comparison, the electric bikes were divided into 3 categories: economy electric bikes, premium electric bikes and speed pedelecs.

Two juries went to the test: a consumer jury and a professional jury including bicycle journalists and people from the world of bicycle leasing. During intensive test rides, judgements were made on steering behaviour, manoeuvrability, ergonomics, safety, pedal assistance and value for money. Based on these criteria, the Belgian ÅSKA Supercommuter emerged as the best speed pedelec. Other speed pedelecs tested were the Swiss Strömer ST3 Pinion, the American Trek Allant+ 9S and the Taiwanese Klever N Pinion 45.

Belgian and sustainable

“I am proud that we, as a Belgian bike manufacturer, can receive this prestigious award. This proves that our bold choice of Belgian/European production translates into a top-notch product.” , echoes Filip Dehing, CEO of ÅSKA BIKE.

“The shift in mobility offers opportunities to make mobility a much better experience than what it is today. Sustainability is often associated with restrictive and more expensive, while we are convinced that mobility will only be sustainable if fun and experience do not have to be sacrificed. That is why we are building a speed pedelec locally that is particularly pleasant to ride, and whose road holding and comfort will get you safely through traffic. This is where the ÅSKA speed pedelec makes the difference ”

Our speed pedelecs are ideal for tackling Belgian roads and weather conditions quickly, comfortably and with pleasure. Thanks to this speed pedelec, you can swap traffic jams for a relaxing bike ride.

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