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Made in Europe

E-mobility is the future. Although cycling is very durable and highly ecologically friendly, production practices in the traditional bicycle manufacturing industry are not. More than 90% of the development and production of bicycles takes place in Asia. This makes us dependent on countries like China and Taiwan.

AT ÅSKA, we deliberately chose to keep the design, development and production of our bikes in Europe. In doing so, we keep our know-how local AND emit 30% less CO2.

We specifically select European suppliers with a local footprint. This is how we can be sure that the products we source are of a high standard of quality, developed and manufactured under fair circumstances. Sustainability is not just about providing an alternative for polluting cars. It’s also about the way in which products are made: in safe working conditions where labour is fairly rewarded.

ÅSKA BIKE is the product of knowledge and craftmanship:

  • Engineers from the automotive and robotics industries
  • Industrial design experts
  • European partners for all components, each with their own expertise
  • Specialists in bike technology and kinematics

Sustainable mobility

Speed pedelecs are one of the very few real alternatives to cars.

  • At least as fast as a car for trips under 30km (40% of commutes are between 15 to 30 kilometres).
  • Speed pedelecs consume 20 times less energy compared to electric cars.
  • No more traffic jams.
  • Cycling supports a healthy It boosts your physical health and, after a ride on an ÅSKA bike, you’re brimming with energy!
34 minuten
24 minuten
160 Kcal
30 Kal
45 euro
335 euro

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