We’ve equipped our e-bike with one 48V battery, with a capacity of 950Wh. This will give you at least 50km in beast mode.

Lower speed and more effort from your end will drastically increase this range.

We built ÅSKA to be your everyday workhorse for many years to come.

The problem with today’s highly integrated mid-engine e-bikes is that they can’t be upgraded and become outdated in just a couple of years.

ÅSKA’s design is modular so that when better components and technology becomes available, you can retrofit those on the bike you already have instead of buying a completely new one. (On that note, we can’t wait for batteries with 50% more power for the same weight and volume to become available.)

As for choice of materials, we go for quality, durability and circularity. Aluminium is one of the materials with one of the highest recycling track records out there.

Because we want the power where we need it! No need to pump the power of the motor through the transmission. The combination with a Pinion gearbox and the low maintenance Gates carbon belt is the best choice for high-end speed bikes.

There is one ÅSKA configuration, available in 3 colors and one size (comfortably fitting people between 1m67 and 2m05).

You can chose between 2 saddle bars and a flat or riser bar.

You can add a bike rack as an option. The bike comes standard with a bag holder attached to the fender.

We highly value manufacturing in Europe. The frame is 100% developed and built in Europe, according to a patented process.

The same goes for most key components and assembly. If a component is not from Europe, it’s because the European market doesn’t currently offer valid alternatives.

ÅSKA is Swedish for “thunder”.

It’s about love for the great outdoors, knack for adventure and a no-nonsense attitude combined with green innovation, clean energy and responsible use of materials.

Our first priority is to excel in our niche: a speed bike that offers great mobility, is ecologically responsible and is a blast to ride.

Who ever said saving the planet can’t be fun?

We go for top service: fast and at your favorite spot, your local dealer.

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      You can already pre order your ÅSKA bike today and delivery starts in Q2 2022.

      In the European union, high speed e-bikes are considered to be a motorised vehicle;

      1. when the motor power is restricted to 4000W
      2. the support is restricted to 45kph
      3. and the motor is only supporting when pedaling.

      Some countries like Belgium adjusted their legislation and made a separate category for these vehicles. This speed pedelec category is indicated with a letter P.

      In general, all rules for motorcycles class B apply to speed pedelecs. More specifically this means:

      • You are allowed to ride on the road OR on the cycling lane when the speed limit is below 50kph.
      • You have to ride on the cycling lane when the speed limit is above 50kph.

      The Belgian government introduced a special type of motor bikes, class P, to define the class of high speed e-bikes.
      Any exceptions to the rules above are indicated by the letter P.

      Manufacturers of speed pedelecs need to comply to stricter rules compared to manufacturers of standard bikes or e-bikes.

      ÅSKA bike received its homologation certificate from an independent European certification agency, guaranteeing a more strict interpretation of the rules.

      A speed pedelec needs to be registered with the vehicle registration service and needs a license plate, just like a car.

      Our dealers are ready to support you when requesting your ÅSKA license plate.

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          An insurance is not mandatory in Belgium.

          ÅSKA does advise you however to have a family insurance, theft insurance and mobile assistance insurance.

          Yes, you need a drivers license AM (or higher) to ride a high speed e-bike. As a result you need to be 16 years of age as well.

          Yes, you need to wear a helmet to ride a high speed e-bike.

          The helmet needs to comply to the EN-1078 safety norm.

          Our ÅSKA dealers have a wide range of helmets that meet these criteria.

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              Moving in traffic poses risks and requires a safe and proactive riding attitude.

              At ÅSKA, we take no shortcuts when it comes to the safe use of our bicycle:

              1. Our bikes have powerful 4 piston brakes
              2. 29″ wheels and wide Schwalbe Hurricane tires will give you optimal grip on every terrain and in all weather conditions
              3. The design of our frames is based on the geometry of enduro mountain bikes: a field where control over the bike is extremely important.
              4. Thanks to front – and rear suspension you are not thrown off your bike when riding over potholes and cobble stones.
              5. Our motor gives a very natural feeling and ensures an immediate and safe power interruption when you touch the brakes.

              Ready for your adventure?