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Tube frames may be the best choice for traditional bicycles, but high-tech e-bikes with a top-notch battery and a powerful motor require just that tiny bit more.

ÅSKA focuses on a new and patented concept for manufacturing its frames. By giving aluminium sheet material a prominent position in our design process we are changing the rules of the bicycle manufacturing industry.

All ÅSKA frames are built by certified Belgian suppliers with outstanding expertise in industrial machinery. We do not want to depend on Asian suppliers and are aiming for a high-quality fully European-crafted product built according to the highest standards in machine construction.

ÅSKA aims for quality

  • An e-bike capable of reaching 45km/h, no matter the weather or road conditions
  • An all-terrain speed pedelec: bring on those potholes, cobblestones and speed bumps!
  • A battery with a large capacity
  • A-low maintenance bicycle, designed for a long lifetime
  • A sustainable bike, made with European components


  • Powerful Neodrives Z20 RS motor

The powerful and silent Neodrives Z20 RS motor is installed in the rear wheel of the e-bike and ensures a peak power output of 1200W. Thanks to this German powerhouse, the ÅSKA BIKE easily reaches speeds up to 45km/h. Looking for an e-bike with a reliable, low-maintenance motor? Look no further! The Neodrives Z20 RS motor is robust, smooth and features the latest technologies.

Efficient mechanics and smart electronics

The efficiency of the Neodrives rear motor surpasses that of its competitors by far, reaching up to 85%. The result? Even more fun with only one battery charge.

High end  design and finish

Detailled finish and a powder coated housing.

Easy (dis)-assembly of the rear wheel

An 12mm Hex key and a smart power socket allow for easy disassembly of the rear wheel.

Pinion C1.12 gearbox smart shift
  • Pinion C1.6 gearbox

The Pinion C1.6 is a gearbox that features sophisticated German design based on automotive technology. The 6 gears of this gearbox ensure a ratio of 295%.

Optimised gears

Gone are the days of inefficient gear shifting, and creaky and rusty chains. The Pinion C1.6 allows for smooth shifting thanks to technology borrowed from the automotive industry.

On top of that, this gearbox requires very little maintenance. Oil needs to be changed only every 10000km and the bottom bracket is entirely self-maintaining. Silent and fluid shifting in all weather or road conditions: it’s all possible with the Pinion C1.6.

  • Gates Carbon Drive

No more dirty, rusty chains. The Gates Carbon drive is revolutionary. They are extremely strong thanks to their carbon fibre reinforcements and require no maintenance. Their lifetime is much longer than traditional chains and there is never any need to worry about cleaning and greasing the chain.

Ready to see how fluid and quiet your ride will be thanks to this piece of outstanding engineering?


We developed our battery with the latest Li-ion cells. This results in a capacity of 950Wh. Just like all our other components, the battery is manufactured in Europe.

battery speed pedelec


Our roads often offer cyclists quite a thrilling experience, in which poorly maintained cycling lanes pose a big challenge at 45km/h. We may not be able to change our road conditions, but we can make a bike that can handle these like no other, even when cycling at full speed.

The ÅSKA BIKE is a full-suspension speed pedelec with a carefully considered technical design, inspired by the latest developments in the world of mountain biking. Moreover, no concessions were made in the selection of the bike’s key components. ÅSKA opted for a Formula Enduro fork with 36mm fork styles and an Öhlins TTX1 rear damper.

Our design combines comfort with swift flexibility.

Formula Selva C Enduro Fork

Formula is a well-known brand in the world of motocross and mountain biking. The manufacturer has been known for its innovative creations ever since it was founded. Formula’s Selva C fork is easy to maintain and can be adjusted in line with your wishes and expectations.

Öhlins TTX1AIR rear damper

Öhlins is a reliable brand in the world of motor sports. This Swedish company has been making components of the finest quality for more than 40 years: perfect for an ÅSKA BIKE!The TTX1AIR makes sure your speed pedelec sticks to the road.

That’s a promise.


When you choose an ÅSKA speed pedelec, you opt for premium quality, sustainability and a short European supply chain. The latter two go hand-in-hand – and we’re very happy about that!

  • Ergotec
  • Schwalbe and Rodi
  • Busch en Müller


To ÅSKA, safety means full control and optimal grip on every surface and in all conditions. No fancy gadgets, but high-end technology to make you a better rider. Moreover, a better rider is a safer rider!

  • Distinctive double headlights for incredibly clear visibility
  • Big grippy tyres and large 29” wheels for optimal grip on every surface, in every situation
  • Powerful brakes for fast anticipation in traffic
  • Frame based on the technical design of a mountain bike for perfect control on all terrains
  • A high-response motor that stops running when you want it to

Ready for your adventure?